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Skin rashes can be unsightly and uncomfortable, and finding relief is often a top priority. Residents of Alamogordo, New Mexico, can rely on Alisa Seeberger, FNP-C, of Seeberger Dermatology, for outstanding dermatology services, including diagnostic and treatment of skin rashes. Call the office or book a visit online to learn more.

Rashes Q&A

What are rashes?

A skin rash is an area of swollen or irritated skin on any area of your body. Virtually everyone experiences skin rashes at some point in life; some people suffer frequent rashes. 

Some types of skin rash simply create an unusual appearance, while others are itchy, painful, or produce blisters, pus, or scaly areas of skin. Rashes can appear as red, pink, purple, white, or gray areas. 

You may not need treatment if you develop a rash that only covers a small amount of skin and does not create additional symptoms. Over-the-counter topical products can help clear up a minor rash or ease minimal itching or redness. 

However, if your rash spreads over a large part of your skin, causes pain or severe itching, or significantly changes the appearance or texture of your skin, you may want to seek a professional skin assessment to determine the cause of your rash. 

What could be causing my skin rash?

Many different things can lead to skin rashes. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Rosacea
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Fungal infections

Alopecia areata is a similar condition that causes areas of hair loss. It can develop on your scalp, face, or other body areas. 

What treatments can improve skin rashes?

The first step in treating skin rash is determining the source of the problem. Your practitioner has access to advanced screening tools to help narrow down the potential causes of your rash. Sometimes all it takes is a simple examination to diagnose skin rashes. 

There are numerous ways to treat skin rash, depending on the causal factors. If you are allergic to household cleaners, skin care products, or other substances, learning to avoid those allergens is a big part of treating the condition. 

In some cases, medications are the best way to address skin rash. There are oral medications that help fight rashes from within and topical medications that treat the surface of your skin. 

Light therapy can be beneficial in correcting skin rash. Many people with eczema find lasting relief through controlled exposure to ultraviolet light treatment lamps. Corticosteroid injections are also an option for certain types of skin rash.

When you’re ready to find relief from persistent or severe skin rashes, the team at Seeberger Dermatology is here to help. Book your visit over the phone or online today to get started.